Roll mill housing

    DHF provides Roll mill housing of various shapes and materials ( weight : 1ton-150ton). The quality of our products can reach world-class level. The price of our products is the best. We sincerely wish receive your inquire.

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  • Roll mill housing



 A mill housing is a large frame that supports the roll, a key part of rolling mill, and ensures the press rolling process is carried out seamlessly.

 It consists of a drive side and work side. A plate moves between the sides to be press rolled. 

A mill housing is divided into rough mill housing, hot mill housing and cold mill housing depending on the method of rolling.

 It is also categorized into a plate mill housing and universal mill housing depending on the shape of the produced plate. 

The universal mill housing is used to produce the section shape steels.

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Baseline before machining






Finished goods



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